A known donor

So I have this guy buddy who used to be my roommate right out of college (a whopping 13 years ago). I’ll call him Mike (not his real name). He and I have always been platonic, and he has always been a good friend. He’s now married with two kids, but he always jokes about me being his second wife. He’s an all-around good guy, and the only male I have talked to about the unicorn and being a choice mom.

So out of the blue he calls me and tells me he would donate his sperm to me. Well, not donate, I would have to pay him $1. I am at once touched and perplexed. Touched that he would do something like that for me, and perplexed about how entirely complex that situation would be. What the hell do you tell your child?

It’s like a bad sitcom episode! Yea, those kids you’ve grown up with are really your siblings…and about Uncle Mike…and no, he and I never had a torrid affair…he had a relationship with a cup and I got knocked up by a woman and a speculum.

I never thought life would get so complicated, lol. Anyone else go the known donor route? If so, how in the world did you handle it?!


One thought on “A known donor

  1. I didn’t go with the known donor route, but in the books that I read during my pregnancy about single mother by choice, it talked about known donors and their legal rights. I would suggest putting together a legal document stating that he doesn’t want any parental rights to this child….otherwise you may find yourself in some sticky situations or co-parenting with joint custody in a few years! Good luck! I look forward to hearing how this works out!

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