New doc, new plan

I went to a different doctor today. This one is number 3 in the female department. I finally feel like I have found the right one. She’s at an infertility clinic, which turned out to be a good thing because in an hour she sat down and laid everything out for me.

  1. She got me a new pain med to try which isn’t narcotic based (hurray!)
  2. She told me very matter of fact my odds. As anyone with a unicornuate uterus probably knows, the riskiest part is miscarriage in the first trimester (33%). Since I basically have one functioning ovary, my odds of conceiving with fertility drugs are about 18% with IUI on the months when I am ovulating from good side. Not bad, I’ll take it. Still scary. but I’ll take those odds.
  3. Next time I have a period I am having an HSG to see for sure if my bizarre left horn really is solid. She thinks I may have a little cavity in there which could be my problem. It will also show if my right fallopian tube is all the way open. (C’mon tube, be wide open!) They’ll draw blood and do a few other tests.
  4. Once they do all of the tests then I should have all the information possible to make all these crazy fertility decisions once and for all.

All in all, I think I am just done waiting for a guy. I feel like I’m just too old to wait and hope a partner will appear. Even the fertility doc said that I shouldn’t wait for more than 2 years with the unicorn to conceive. So, as soon as I have funding in order, I’m just going to do this on my own. In the meantime, I guess puppy parenting will be my intermediate step. I can’t wait to get him! One week!


4 thoughts on “New doc, new plan

  1. Glad you found a good doctor and have a plan – both of those two things seem to make everything feel so much better. And since I don’t want a dog of my own but I really, really love other people’s dogs I’m excited for the puppy arrival!

  2. As Suraita said…I’m so glad you found a doctor you like. I just stumbled upon both your blogs and am looking forward to following you along your journey 🙂

  3. Yay! New doctor and new plan! AND new puppy!! Sounds like you’re having a great week. Best of luck with your testing. I’ll be following along…

  4. Good luck with your decision and your new doctor. Thanks for the comment on my blog. If you are seriously considering adoption, I have a single friend that just adopted domestically and her wait was really short (way shorter than our wait).

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