Mother’s Day

For this first time ever, Mother’s Day is sort of a strange day. It’s always been a nice day to spend with my Mom, and that is what it’s always been about until now. For the first time on Mother’s Day I am pondering the reality that I may never be a mom.

For the first time I realize that today is a rough day for a lot of women out there TTC. My best wishes go out to all of you who may be having a hard time today. And, best wishes to all of women out there who nurture whether or not you have a child. That nurturing spirit is the soul of Mother’s Day so this year I am extending my well wishes to all women. 

As for me, I am beginning to seriously consider a hysterectomy. The pain is just ruling my life, and if there is no option between pain pills and a hysterectomy, well, it seems my options are narrowing. Although my cats are happy with all the time I spend laying on the couch, I don’t want to be a recluse anymore.

The upside of pain: percocet. That stuff takes all the pain away, makes me sleep like a baby, and makes me happy. No wonder people get hooked on those things!


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