Pro bloggers after your $$

There are people out there who are trying to take advantage of your woes. They see infertile people and think $$$! Just know this, please.

I had my first pro blogger try and contact me today. “She” (I put this in quotes as it could be anyone) offered to write a post to my blog. The catch: they get two links: one to their “blog” and the other one to a product. I am sure they get a kickback or advertising dollars for their product. They were also willing to send me money on PayPal so they could write an article for this site.

Dear readers, I work in the marketing world, and I know there are people that make their living as professional bloggers. I don’t begrudge them, I just think that they should be up front and honest about what they are doing. I think bloggers should be ethical, and if they are making money from a product endorsement or being paid to write an article, they should tell you. Almost always, they will not tell you they are really out to sell you something rather than share their experiences.

Many people perceive blogs as a trusted source of information, and studies show that readers trust blog information more than a corporate website. Marketers know this. I just want to warn you that you may not be getting impartial information or personal recommendations.

How to tell if this is a marketing blog:

  1. The writer does not speak from first person point of view about any infertility problems. If the blog wasn’t started by someone in this sinkhole themselves, well, they could be looking to make money. Even if the writer claims to be infertile, a healthcare professional, whatever, just take it with a grain of salt. Instead of a 32 year old female with fertility issues, the blogger could be a 65 year old man with 6 kids and 8 grandchildren. Just saying.
  2. If it feels all glossy and perfect, well, it’s probably a blog attempting to market to you. If it reads like it was written by a professional copywriter, well, it very well could have been.
  3. Does the blog cover celebrity infertility stories (and sound like it could be in People)? Yep, red flag. Especially if the story recommends some herb or fertility drug.
  4. Does the blog have ads? This does not make someone a pro blogger trying to make millions. Not at all. I am also not opposed to blogs posting ads to support their site. But look at the type of ads. If all the ads are for the same company, well beware.

On a side note, I should probably tell you that I do make recommedations on my site. These are all products that I use myself and I receive no compensation or freebies from any of the manufacturers. I do link the few products I list to amazon. I do get a small kickback if you buy it there, but it’s minimal. So far my kickback has been .80 cents. I think I’ll buy, er, a third of a latte. 🙂

I am also adding this link to my site as I do believe in ethical blogging.


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