The unicorn says, “Hello world!”

The unicorn
©2010 All rights reserved.

Life is funny. I never thought I would be posting a picture of my reproductive organs for the world to see. But, well, here I am. Those arrows are my rudimentary horn.

That photo is from my MRI. I picked up my test results and radiologist report today. Because of my crash courses via the internet on Mullerian Anomalies I could read the entire report without having to look anything up. Pretty funnyconsidering I have an art degree.

I am considering a second opinion on whether the removal of my horn would help alleviate my pain. So this birth defect is rare, and my case is unusual even for unicornate uterus. I have pain, but no endometriosis. So when you are 1 in 100,000 or so, there seems to be no “expert.” Everyone is a newb because there aren’t enough cases like this for any doctor to become an expert as far as I can tell. Silly bizarro unicorn.

So maybe it’s the placebo effect. Actually I don’t care what it is, but my energy levels are much better. I think it’s the Floravital. Apparently I have been iron deficient. Wow what a difference.

On the pain side of things, well it’s still there. More energy does not equal no pain, but it does make the pain more bearable.


One thought on “The unicorn says, “Hello world!”

  1. I don’t know…I think an art degree might help with figuring out MRIs and the like.

    Glad you have more energy. I hope the second opinion works out well if that’s what you decide to do.

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