My horn blows

I spoke to my doctor this morning about removing my horn. He doesn’t think it will help as I don’t produce endometrial tissue. I have a horn, but it is I was hoping that would be the silver bullet magic cure. Apparently not. He also said it would be open surgery, so it would be pretty major. I guess the unicorn is going to continue to be angry until I can’t stand it. I am going to try everything I can to live with it.

Anyone else have any experience with removal of a horn with no cavity? Did it help?

The pain has been lessening the last few days, what a blessing. I’ve also started doing yoga again, and it helps with my overall stress level a lot.

My Chinese Medicine miracle worker Emily has prescribed some of these these herbs for me (below), and  some I have found on my own. I have more herbs coming later this week. I know so many of you are trying to get pregnant, I am not. Mostly these are to help regulate my hormones and help me get some energy back. I’ll let you know how it goes.


  1. Floravital (lots of iron + some floral herbs for energy)
  2. Vitex (helps regulate cycles, not suitable if you are pregnant or trying)
  3. Sam-e (mild antidepressant)
  4. Women’s multivitamin from Women to Women (these are pretty expensive but the best I’ve found)
  5. Folic Acid (start building up in my body in case I decide to get crazy and try artificial insemination)

Finally, thanks for your comments. It helps to know I’m not alone. If you do comment and have a relevant blog I’ll add it to my blogroll. Your stories and your courage help tremendously. May you all be blessed with whatever you wish for in life!


One thought on “My horn blows

  1. so you have a horn w/o a cavity or any lining? maybe there’s a little in there. I don’t know.
    My surgery was laprascopic. are there any other surgeons you could consult with?
    after the surgery my doctor said he was surprised I didn’t have any endometriosis, but that I had a ton of scar tissue. my surgery ended up taking 6 hrs b/c there was so much scarring. maybe you have a bunch of scarring or also endometriosis in there that is causing some pain. just a thought

    do you have 2 fallopian tubes? or is one connected to the rudimentary horn? if so, I would get that removed too, so you don’t have the potential of having an ectopic pregnancy

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