FINE in Idaho

I got up enough courage to call the local fertility clinic the other day. I told the women who answered the phone about the unicorn, that I only ovulate from one side, that I was considering artifical insemination. Her recommendation was this: set up a consultation appointment with one of our doctors. “Both you and your husband need to come to the appointment,”she told me.

Like any women in my situation (I can say this because I don’t think there are any others) I promptly burst into tears and told her I do not have a husband. She attempted to backpedal, telling me that single women came in all the time. One of their doctors is a graduate of BYU. Yea, somehow I have a hard time believing that they are all that open to unmarried women in there. I am FINE, just FINE.

Yes, I am FINE.: Fucked up, Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional. 😛


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