The painful unicorn

I have been thinking about my pain quite a bit, and why in the world it would only be on my right side. I am beginning to think that maybe my nerves didn’t develop quite right on my left side. I think that is why I don’t have pain there. I never thought about it much, but when my bladder is full, I feel it on the right. The few times I have had a severe bladder infection I hardly had any pain at all to the astonishment of a couple of family doctors.

I have also been worried about waiting for a partner to have children. My bodyworker that practices acupressure massage and Chinese medicine made me feel better about my aging eggs. She said that because I am a healthy weight, eat well and take care of myself that my eggs probably are aging less than the average. I hope she’s right.

I joined a yahoo group for women with Mullerian Anomolies, they have been a great source of knowledge. There’s just not much information out there as what I have is so rare. They suggested a 3-day egg test to check the health of my eggs. I had never heard of it, I’m checking into it hoping it’s available here in the U.S. and not just Australia.

This is a link to the Yahoo Group:


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