Unicorns are real. Boo!

Unicornate uterus example

I am single, 35 and after years of unexplained abdominal pain, I have a diagnosis. I have a unicornate uterus, a rare birth defect. Yes my friends, unicorns are real, and for something like 1 in 5,000 women they live in our bodies. More on this later. Basically I have half a uterus as illustrated in the top right graphic.

I started this blog because of an unexplained urge to chronicle this journey. There is some information out there, but not a lot. Because of this, and because of a barrage of changes overwhelming me in all facets of life I am writing here. It’s theraputic for me to write, but my hope is that maybe, just maybe, someone else may be helped by my journey as well. It’s the only good reason I can think of for all of this.


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