Door number 3?

I was in a relationship until a few days ago. Jon already had children and a vasectomy. He said that if I wanted a baby that we would figure out a way to do it. Now I have no partner, and a choice that is tough either way.

The unicorn in me (my unicornate uterus) is painful. My doctor says he is not sure why I have pain, but that it is almost certainly related to my freakshow uterus.

There is a cure for my pain, a hysterectomy. Since I no longer have a guy, but still want children I have never been more torn about anything in my life. Do I keep my uterus and live with pain hoping for the guy to show up? Or do I get rid of it in order to have a blessedly pain free existence? Or, behind door number 3 is the option to get artificially inseminated.

Door number 3 seems financially out of reach. I am a pretty independent sort, but frankly raising a child completely by myself seems incredibly daunting. Not to mention financial suicide since my income is so all over the place. Anyone out there been in this position before?

It would be much easier if I had found the guy. I just didn’t. So now what?


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